Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Most popular materials

I'm curious as to what your go-to materials are-- the ones you use at least daily in your classroom.  I have some great materials I've collected over the years, either borrowed from other schools, purchased, etc.  However, there are a select few I just can't live without on a daily basis.  I'm looking to order a few new things, so I'd love to hear if someone has a great tool they just can't live without!
Here are my favorites:

  • Switch hopper or crick interface to access the computer: I use the intellitools keyboard as well, but these get more use because they are small, portable, and can adapt powerpoint, interactive book websites, etc.
  • Powerlink Control Unit: I am very lucky to have a total of five of these, due to some of my kids receiving them for free from APH.  We use these for cooking, listening to music, books on tape, I have a sensory wall with all sorts of lights, fans, etc. hooked up to one, light up fish tanks, and more. 
  • Step-by-step switch: I can't live without these!  Each of my students has one, and I record it at the end of every day with news (from their perspective) about their day.  The families then listen to them at night, and record a message for them to share during Morning meeting about what they did last night/over the weekend.  We also use them for talking with others in the hallway, commenting in class, recording books on them for the students to read, etc. 
  • Reading A-Z:  I love this website for reading instruction.  They have printable books at various levels, correlated to DRA scores and other reading assessments.  They have comprehension questions and quizzes to go along with books, as well as a benchmark book for each level, so you can assess when a student is ready to move on.  
  • Switch adapted pourer: we use this in our cooking activities, to roll dice during games, during art, and anything else we can come up with.  It has become a necessary tool in our classroom.  
    I know there are so many more, but these are my usual go-to's.  What can't you live without in your daily activities?

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    1. I am planning on getting our classroom a switch adapted pourer. I'm so glad to read that you rank it up there with things like a Power Link as this way I know it will not be a wrong purchase. I agree with you on the first three items on your list. I have not used Reading A-to-Z but do know that it is used extensively in the rest of our school (particularly in the resource room).