Sunday, September 6, 2009


Do you have a smartboard in your classroom?  I just got one a few weeks ago, which was a bit of a surprise.  We just hired a new principal in our building at the beginning of last year, and he really encourages the use of technology in the classroom (which is great!).  Last year he started an initiative to 'get a smartboard in every classroom', and worked with our PTO to raise money for smartboards.  We don't have them in every room yet, but I just got one in my classroom in August. 
I've attended some brief Smartboard trainings in my building, but using it is still a learning process.  So far, I'm using my Smartboard for the following activities:
  • Intellitools activities such as single switch books and easy reading activities
  • Using the speaking version of News-2-You to read the paper on the smartboard
  • Watching fun videos from the Priory Woods Kids Only site
  • Drawing on the blank surface using the notebook software
  • In my math class, we are working on coin ID and circling the coins needed to match a price, so I'll bring up the worksheet on the board and have students circle the right coins
  • Having one of my students submit attendance from our attendance website each day
  • Doing a morning meeting Intellitools activity
I know there is also a way for us to watch announcements and movies on the smartboard, but I'm still working on that.  I've only had a chance to use it for about two weeks so far, but I'm using it almost every period and I plan to keep finding more ways to use it. 

How do you use your Smartboard?

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  1. I so want a Smart Board :(. I had one in my room when I was teaching highschool math and I loved it. I need to start hitting the powers that be up for one now. I'm thinking the therapists can help me push for it ;).