Saturday, October 10, 2009

News-2-You: College Mascots

The News-2-You topic for this week is college mascots, which is really fun for my class considering we live in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio, home of The Ohio State University and Brutus Buckeye.  Here are the activities and plans we have for the week:

As we are big Buckeye fans in my room, we will be reading the book "Hello, Brutus!" By Aimee Aryal.    The company that makes this books has also made other mascot books, so keep an eye out for one about a team near you.

For cooking this week, we plan on making "Otto's Orange Freeze", which was included in the N2Y article, but we also plan on making buckeyes.  If you've never had buckeyes, before, they are a delicious chocolate and peanut butter confection that is especially popular in Ohio!  For the Orange Freeze drink, we plan on using a blender hooked up to our Powerlink Control Unit.  We also plan to use our switch-adapted pourer to pour ingredients into the blender.  In my class, we have added a new part to our weekly cooking group-- we complete the recipe review that is found in the worksheet section of N2Y.  I have some students who complete the recipe review and sense matrix using the worksheets, and for my other students I have created enlarged picture symbols with the choices like/don't like, yummy/yucky, and healthy/not healthy.  At the end of the activity, we go around the group and answer each question to survey how everyone liked the activity.

On Friday at the end of the day, we will be watching the movie Hatching Pete.  This is actually a very cute movie that premiered on the Disney Channel over the summer about a school mascot, and includes many popular disney stars from shows like Hannah Montana and Sonny with a Chance.  I've never been a big fan of watching movies in class, partially because I know when some of my students were in elementary school, they were wheeled up to a big screen tv with children's shows on it for long periods of time, which I feel is not very educational.  However, I've been giving my students weekly homework to read the N2Y with a family member (recorded on a switch for students who are non-verbal), and if they all do it we watch a movie on Friday during last period.  We don't usually get through the entire movie, but they look forward to it, it always ties to our topic (and are sometime more educational, like Bill Nye), and also gives my staff and I some planning time.

In our sensory bin, I plan on putting in items related to Ohio State, such as buckeye necklaces, foam toys, small foam fingers, etc.

This should be a fun week- I've been looking forward to this topic for a while!