Friday, November 13, 2009

Math Curriculum

This is my first year teaching a pull-out math class, and I started the year just working on the student's IEP goals and very functional math: money, time, measurement.  This was going well, but after a month or two I started to feel like we were just working on the same things every week, and I wasn't actually teaching them new concepts or terms.  I started to look into some different math programs to see what was available.  I found a program I like at Ablenet, but it was way too expensive for my budget.  I found lots of different programs based around just money or just time, but we were already working on that and I wanted something that covered more concepts.  I came across a program from Attainment Company called Teaching to Standards: MATH.  This program caught my eye for a few reasons:
1.  I've gone to a training by one of the authors a few years ago (Diane Browder), and really liked her viewpoint of standards based instruction for students at a lower level.
2.  It teaches advanced concepts that other middle schoolers are learning (geometry, algebra, data analysis)
3.  It teaches using story problems with picture support (similar to News-2-You).
4.  It uses lifeskills based situations to teach complex skills.

I ordered the program and finally received it last week.  So far, it is a hit in my classroom.  My kids are currently learning about points, line segments, and planes by using a map of a grocery store, drawing points for each aisle we need to stop in, line segments to draw our route, and the entire route forms a plane.  My only complaint so far is that my math students like homework, so I'm having to create my own to send home every night because there is nothing that comes with the program I could send.

Is anyone else using a program for their math class, or are you just coming up with things from scratch?

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