Monday, November 16, 2009

Switch Painting

Here is one of my students using a toy car to do some painting.  This is one of my favorite ways to paint with my switch users, as it creates a great cause/effect activity and makes some really neat artwork.  This car was purchased last year at Target, and you have to push down the back of the car to get it to run.  I adapted it with a battery interrupter, and taped the car top down with some black tape.  My student uses a toggle switch that we have mounted to a plastic picture frame (you can kind of see this in the picture), as this is the best way for him to access his switch.  The toggle switch is plugged into the switch interrupter.  When painting, we let my students pick out which type of paint they want using eye gaze, then we run the wheels of the car into a paper plate of paint.  We set it down on the paper, and let him go to town!   I love the effect of the painted tracks on paper.  We were actually painting this page as part of a turkey activity.  All of my students have been working in art on painting pages with a combination of red, orange, and yellow.  When we are finished, we will be cutting the full pages into feathers and attaching a turkey to the front.  We use many other paint methods, such as marble/ping pong ball painting, attaching paintbrushes to a switch activated cow, fingerpainting, etc., but I would definitely say this is one of the class favorites!

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  1. Brilliant! Don't know if the artist would like it, but I'd be super happy to post their picture in a permanent gallery at OneSwitch if they were interested / if their parent/guardian was interested? Might inspire others to do the same. It's a great picture! Either way, would love to see more switch created art! Have you tried filling switch adapted battery water pistols with coloured inks too? Messy but fun and looks great.