Friday, July 23, 2010

Do you Vizzle?

Vizzle is a program created by Monarch Teaching Technologies, based out of Shaker Heights, Ohio.  This company has created software for visual learners, and helps teachers 'save time and drive achievement with visually rich interactive lessons for special education.'  I hadn't had any previous experience with Vizzle until this past spring.  I am on our district's assistive technology team, and we were determining what AT requests we could fulfill that were submitted by teachers in our district.  While going through requests for various types of hardware, software, subscriptions, etc.  I came across two teachers in our district who requested a subscription renewal for their Vizzle software.  This is the first I had heard of it, but I know these teachers had students who were similar to mine, so I immediately started doing research.  I found the vizzle website at, and signed up for their free 14 day trial.  I have to say that I loved having the option to trial the software, but I also did it during one of the last weeks of school, also one of the busiest, so I didn't get to try out as much as I would have liked.  Anyways, I liked what I saw and I think this could be really useful for some of my students with Autism who are visual learners and who really enjoy working on computers.  I requested a subscription for my class, and it should be starting soon.  I feel like during my trial period, I barely touched on all the ways this program could be used in the classroom.

So my question is: do you Vizzle, and if so, how do you use it in your classroom?

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