Friday, July 16, 2010

iPad/iPod touch apps

In May, I was grateful to receive  a PTO grant and was able to purchase two iPads for my classroom.  They arrived right before school let out, but I had a chance to trial one of them during my summer school and ESY classes.  I still have many apps to explore, but here have been some of the favorites over the summer so far:

Time Timer:  This has been really helpful with one of my students, as we use a regular time timer with him frequently.  One of the benefits to the app is it is more discrete, more portable, and he can keep it in his pocket if he is working on a task that makes him get up and move frequently.  This app is $4.99-- a little pricey, but I thought it was worth it.

Brainpop:  My district has a subscription to Brainpop, and we use it frequently in my class.  This app is free, and offers free videos of the day.  I am very happy that Brainpop has an app, but I wish they had a 'members' app where we could have access to all of their great videos.  This would be really helpful when I'm with a student in their inclusion science class, and the rest of the class is reading an article; we could just pull out the iPad/iPod to watch a Brainpop video on that topic.  I'm hoping they come out with another app soon.

Animated stories:  One of the biggest hits with some of my kiddos has been the animated story books you can purchase in itunes.  They are accessible to my students who typically use switches to access material, as the pages of a book are turned by touching anywhere on the screen. Usually you can choose a mode so the story is read to you, with the words highlighted while it reads.  The biggest downside to these books is how expensive they can get!  Some of the Disney books are $8.99 each, but I've been lucky to find some that were free for a limited time or on sale.  Here are some of the class favorites so far:

Shrek Forever After: $2.99

Toy Story Read- Along: FREE (There are Toy Story 2 and 3 books, but those are each $8.99)

How to Train Your Dragon- Kids Book HD: $2.99

I know there are so many more apps out there to try, but these are a few that my students have really enjoyed so far.  What apps are favorites in your classroom?

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  1. This the second time that I've read about Brainpop in the last couple of days. I had never heard of it before. I will have to keep it on my list of things to check out eventually (as right now I'm figuring I have enough stuff in the air that I need to get up and going first).

    I haven't tried the stories but that is for sure something we will need to look at :).