Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Unique Learning: Transition Level Curriculum

This spring, I started to work on scheduling my classroom and students for the following year, as well as planning out what our day would look like and what types of curriculum we will be using.  I really enjoy using the Unique Learning Systems curriculum by the folks at News-2-You, although I can say I am still only using it here and there and definitely not yet to it's full capacity. 
While browsing the free materials offered by ULS for summer school, I noticed that the transition level materials were also available.  On this level, there is a link to core materials that are supposed to be used each month when using this level.  I felt like I came accross a secret treasure trove; even though these plans and materials are meant for students above the high school level, I feel like it offered me the perfect plan for my middle school students.  I'm a big stickler for age appropriateness, and I love the age appropriate 'classes' and activities offered by this level.  I spent at least a weekend browsing through all the materials, and figuring out how they could work within my own class schedule.  I love some of their ideas, like having a daily living club, jobs club, etc.  I encourage you to check it out if you haven't yet, as it won't be available for free after they take down their summer materials.  I will continue to post how I plan to use some of these ideas in my classroom this year!

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  1. I ended up ordering the Transition Band for a year and have to say that I'm really excited about some of the stuff in there. I teach a variety of ages and some of my students need transition related curriculum. I got it originally thinking I could incorporate some of the stuff for them and I can but I've also found that the organizational stuff in setting up things day-to-day is great for all of my students. I'm also excited to implement some of the ideas and look forward to reading how you implement it as well :).