Tuesday, August 10, 2010

School Supply Lists

I teach in a middle school (grades 6-8), and each grade level creates a school supply list at the end of the year that is sent out to parents, with all the required items for that grade level.   I always create my own lists for my students, as they often need very different items than their typical peers.  This year, my classroom will be a little different than the past, as I will be housing a variety of students, not just students who have severe/profound disabilities.  While working on supply lists, I actually found myself creating 3-4 lists for students that I had to send home.  The way my class is broken down, I have 3 students who are severe/profound, wheelchair users, with medical needs; I have 3 students who have moderate/severe Autism, 2 students on the Autism spectrum but spend most of their day in inclusion, and 4 other students with mild disabilities who I check in with 1x per day.  I had to break my school supplies down into three different lists, and here is what I came up with:

List 1:  The original school supply list for their grade level, with the items they will actually need highlighted on the list (for some students, most of the supplies were highlighted; for other students, only a few supplies).

List 2: The supply list I usually use for my students.  This is for my kiddos with medical needs who are switch users, so I put the following items instead of traditional pencils, paper, notebooks:

2- pack of Clorox wipes

2- 9V batteries

8- AA batteries

2- C batteries

6- rolls of paper towels

4 Magnetic Bulldog Clips

Grocery bags

List 3: Supplies for life skills that will be worked on during the school day (this list went to 8 of my 12 students):

-Wallet/Change Purse

-Toothbrush and Toothpaste (optional)

-Deodorant (optional)

-Complete change of clothes in case of spilling, accidents, etc. (optional)

-Any toileting supplies needed for students who are not toilet trained (undergarments/diapers, wipes, etc.)

-Brush or comb (optional)

-Pillow and Blanket (for students who are wheelchair users and need to get out of their chair)

-Donations of laundry soap, dish soap, and Clorox wipes are always appreciated throughout the year.

Hopefully I didn't confuse my parents with all of these lists!  I work in a building where the cost of supplies is not usually a concern for parents, but when I have had students who may not be able to afford supplies, I usually purchased these items for them.  What do you usually expect your parents to send in?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

News from News-2-You

In case anyone did not receive this email, I wanted to pass on the news I got today about News-2-You's programs.  N2Y online newspaper site, Unique Learning Systems curriculum site, and Symbolstix online symbol library.  I have used N2Y's newspaper for years, and just started using Unique Learning last year.  I was really excited to receive the following info in an email from their company today:


The 2010/2011 school year is almost upon us and everyone at N2Y would like to be the first to welcome you back for another exciting year.  We have been busy enhancing and adding some great new content to our News-2-You newspaper, Unique Learning System curriculum and SymbolStix ONLINE symbol set.  We are very excited about what we have developed and want to highlight a few of these additions.

Starting early August, the immediate change that everyone will notice when they visit [ http://www.n2y.com/ ]www.n2y.com is a BRAND NEW LOOK!  Our developers have been hard at work to bring a completely different feel to all of our websites.  Check out some of these great new features that will be added throughout the upcoming school year!

·         Single Sign On!  If you subscribe to more than one product, you can now use a single username/password to access the materials  *COMING SOON*
·         Web Store!  Ready to order?  Check out our new interactive store featuring the ability to manage all your subscriptions through a personalized account  *COMING SOON*
·         Websites now share the same layout and theme making navigation much easier going from site-to-site
·         All our websites have been completely rebuilt providing enhanced speed and user experience
·         Facebook/Twitter integration allowing our subscribers to connect with us and stay informed
News-2-You Newspaper:  We are now offering even MORE content than ever before!  Subscribers will still have access to current event news each week plus some exciting additions!

·         WEEKLY publishing of Advanced edition including digital pictures
·         Skills practice sheets organized by subject area with new skills addressed
·         New online games that reinforce vocabulary
·         Weekly science experiments
·         Enhanced PowerPoints to extend weekly topic and tie to the Unique Learning System Curriculum
·         Open ended questions added to Simple and Advanced editions
·         Interactive links to websites featured in the news
Unique Learning System Curriculum:  With two successful years of curriculum development behind us, we have taken steps to make the third year even more comprehensive.  Again with the great feedback from our user community, we have incorporated several product enhancements for the upcoming school year. 

·         Improved Instructional Tips
·         Online version of the monthly checkpoints
·         Transition Band monthly checkpoints added
·         More Transitional materials
·         Geometry and Algebra lessons added to all grade bands
·         Training Modules available to all subscribers
·         Additional monthly extension activities
·         Administrator Curriculum Implementation Guide
·         Intellitools Templates are now available
SymbolStix ONLINE:  SymbolStix ONLINE has taken off and revolutionized how subscribers utilize and access symbols.  With over 12,000 of our SymbolStix Symbols available, users have endless possibilities in creating symbol based materials for use in their classrooms.  SymbolStix ONLINE users are provided online access to download and use our symbols in the devices of their choice or utilize our free templates!  For 2010 we are providing some great additions as well.

·         Templates now support drag & drop functionality
·         User defined folders for organizing and downloading multiple symbols
·         Unique Learning System symbols will be available each month for download  *COMING SOON*
·         Refined and faster search capabilities
The N2Y family would like to wish you a great upcoming year, and as always, if there is anything we can do to assist please send us email at [ mailto:contact@n2y.com ]contact@n2y.com or give us a call at (800) 697-6575.

 This is great news, as I think these additions/changes will be a big improvement to N2Y and Unique Learning.  The website has not been updated yet, but I'm excited to see these changes take effect and figure out how to incorporate the new material in my classroom!