Monday, December 31, 2018

Classroom Coffee Business: Visual Order Forms

When I started planning out how to get started on our classroom coffee business, I knew we would need some type of visual order form for students to fill out and use to help them complete orders.  I ended up taking photos of each step of the process and then created a visual order form in Boardmaker that I laminated and then added velcro.  This happened through some trial and error as each time we'd make one and start using it, we'd come up with another step we wanted to add or variation we wanted to make.  Each blank spot is where we've placed soft-sided velcro on the laminated version, and then I've made icons for each variation of drink/creamer/sugar/etc. so we can velcro on the quantity and type that each order includes.  

We have continued to add different varieties of beverages based on staff request as well as seasonal drinks and creamers.  When we started in August we only offered a few options, but as my students got comfortable with the business and staff began requesting more options, we have continued to grow in what we offer.

These forms have really helped us stay organized during our coffee business.  One student sits with a paraprofessional to go through the order spreadsheet and he labels the teacher's name and room number on the cup sleeve.  Then he completes the order form based on the order on the spreadsheet.  I also have other students fill out the order form using the velcro icons with a paraprofessional verbally telling them which icons to place on the form.  These are passed to our student barista, who uses the form to complete the order.  Once she is finished she passes the form to another student who takes all the velcro icons off so the order form can be reused. This has been a really helpful system for us to complete coffee orders!

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