Sunday, December 30, 2018

Classroom Coffee Business

This year, I decided to attempt a new job skills endeavor with my students: we were going to start a coffee business.  I read many Special Ed. blogs over the years about starting a coffee business at my school, but never felt like it would work well at the time.  I had even suggested it to a High School IS in my district, thinking that would be a better place for it.  This summer the idea crossed my mind again though, and it just seemed like the right time to try it out.  We decided to start a daily coffee business for staff at our school, where we would take orders from teachers online, fill orders during our 2nd period job skills class daily and deliver the orders, and bill staff members weekly for payment.  There was a lot of prep and planning that went into starting this business, but it has been a huge success so far!
I will post more about the products we use, materials we've made to keep us organized soon, and I definitely encourage you to consider trying it out in your building!

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