Friday, January 4, 2019

Sensory Room: DIY Sequin Flip Panel

One of my favorite things in our sensory room right now is our DIY sequin flip panel on the wall.  I made this right before school started by buying a yard of fabric at Joann's and placing it in a large frame I found at Target.  I mounted it to the wall in our sensory room with 3M mounting corners, and it has been a big hit with my students! We have a crash pad right underneath the frame, so I have a few students that like to lay on the crash pad and feel the wall. 

There are lots of different colors of reversible sequin fabric available, but I bought this one: Glitterbug Reversible Sequins Fabric-Rainbow because it was the only one in stores at Joann's and I was feeling impulsive. 

It has been so much fun to play with, I catch myself feeling it whenever I am with students in the sensory room!

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